What is Luxxxe TV?

Luxxxe TV Is a digital television network that produces and distributes content made by women of color. Our shows and programming are centered around the

personal development of women in the areas of lifestyle, emotional wellness, sexuality and beauty. Our main focus is highlighting luxury experience.

Whats Coming To Luxxxe Tv

Luxxxe Tv is proud to produce and

distribute content

created by women of color.

From cooking shows, to make-overs

and everything in between, we air it!

Good Luxxxe

Your luxury lifestyle talk show featuring the latest

in luxxxe life.

Sex Ed for the Culture

Join Sexperts Aaron Springs and Myi Matthews as they teach you what you need to know about sex.

Kinky Secrets

Join Autumn Ayri as she helps women find beauty in her natural kinks and coils.

Want Your Own Show?

If you are a woman of color, and interested in hosting your own show, we would love to connect with you! Learn more about our production services. If you feel you may be a good fit, book a meeting with our producers.

Where Do We Air?

Apple TV
Amazon Firestick

Want Your Business Featured?

We feature luxury brands on Luxxxe Tv shows free of charge! If you think your business would make for a good segment, pitch your business!

If you don’t want to wait for the perfect episode idea, you can advertise through commercials, sponsorships and giveaways.

Have An Idea?

The best pitches are those that highlight a truly luxury experience and makes us

wish we had it!

Want Exposure?

If you have a brand you feel fits our channel, learn more about advertising opportunities.